JetTech Develops Digital Engine Display for 500-series Citations

 - March 19, 2014, 11:14 AM
Jettech and Ultra Flightline Systems are seeking an STC for a replacement digital engine display for the Citation series.

JetTech has teamed with Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems to develop a replacement digital engine display specifically for 500-series Cessna Citations. Pending FAA approval of its supplemental type certificate, JetTech will begin offering kits through its approved FAA certified repair stations.

Rob Irwin, managing member of Denver-based JetTech, told AIN, “This is a direct replacement, so it’s a one-day installation that any repair station can do. All the connectors are the same, with the addition of one small connector for GPS input.” The initial price is approximately $30,000 with exchange of the cores. Outright pricing is also available, he noted. “The part we like most about this is that it complements the digital panel we offer. We anticipated someone would take on this project but no one did so we developed it ourselves to complement all the other products we offer for the legacy Citations.”

According to Irwin, because the Citation fleet consists of some 2,500 aircraft, the company focused on this market first but is looking at other possibilities. Other system features include Level B software, field upgradeable software, monitoring and recording of all engine functionality, fuel computer functions and reversionary mode.