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JetNet Shows Asia The Power Of Data

 - April 14, 2014, 6:30 AM

JetNet, the U.S. aircraft fleet analysis company, is here at ABACE (Booth P519) demonstrating the updated version of its Evolution Marketplace product. The update includes a new data export module and new folder management feature, as well as new user analytic functions (so users can gauge how often their aircraft are being viewed) and account administrator tools.

While the Evolution software has an “intuitive and customizable” graphical user interface, allowing subscribers to view charts, tables and other selected information, the company also offers its JetNet iQ (Intelligence Quarterly) service. According to the company, 6,500 surveys had been completed as of March, including responses from 115 countries. This, said JetNet, makes it “the most comprehensive on-going study of business aircraft owners and operators ever conducted.” The 2014 JetNet iQ Summit will take place June 3 and 4 in New York, added the company.

“We’ve put tremendous information and state-of-the-art tools in the hands of professionals in the Asian aviation market,” said Vincent Esposito, JetNet president. “We’re adding to the information every day, and releasing new products to make their jobs easier and more profitable.”

“There can be no discounting of the growing importance of Asia, particularly China, to business and commercial aviation,” added Esposito. “This is a time of unprecedented opportunity for the aviation professionals we serve. JetNet’s management team is keenly aware of this.”

As of March 2014, JetNet’s database of in-operation fleet was more than 100,000 aircraft, which includes business jets, business turboprops, commercial airliners (both jets and turboprops), and helicopters (both turbine and piston).

Paul Cardarelli, JetNet v-p of sales, said, “Our staff seeks out original information directly from sources who work with or own aircraft. We review and confirm all the data we gather for accuracy and completeness. Only then do we add it to the JetNet database, for instantaneous access by our clientele, a network of aviation professionals around the globe.”

The JetNet database includes comprehensive details onaircraft airframes, engines, avionics and cabin amenities, as well as aircraft owners and operators, lessors andlessees, fractional owners and a host of other entities associated with aircraft. Also included are transactionhistorieson aircraft dating back more than 25 years and monthly aircraft market summary reports, as well as a variety of other tools for accessing the global fleet and aircraft market.