K-State Salina Creates Curriculum around Jet Engine Sim

 - May 14, 2014, 11:58 AM
Kansas State University Salina is developing a curriculum using the virtual engine test bench for the price induction DGen 380.

The aviation program at Kansas State University Salina is working with Price Induction to develop a curriculum using the French company’s new virtual engine test bench that simulates the DGen 380 lightweight gas turbine engine. Price Induction has given the aviation department full use of the test bench for one year to generate an education model that could be used in other academic settings. K-State Salina also will evaluate the suitability of using this equipment in its aviation curriculum for the long term.

According to program lead Stephen Ley, the test bench can simulate engine operation on the ground and in flight by using engine indications commonly found on both test-cell facilities and on aircraft instrument panels. It also can demonstrate test-cell operations, gas path performance, fault analysis, system operation, construction and design, thermodynamics and engine control, making it useful for multiple degree programs.

Although the virtual engine test bench will be used mainly by K-State Salina’s aviation maintenance professors and students, Ley intends to integrate the developed curriculum into the aviation technology, professional pilot and engineering technology programs.