NATA Tackles Conformity Inspection Inconsistency

 - May 14, 2014, 11:30 AM

The National Air Transportation Association’s Aircraft Systems and Maintenance Technology Committee has formed a working group to address the long-standing issue of a lack of consistency among FAA FSDOs with regard to aircraft conformity inspections when adding an aircraft to a Part 135 operating certificate.

The problem is that it is not uncommon for an aircraft operating on a Part 135 certificate in one part of the country to have to undergo a significant inspection when it is moved to the jurisdiction of a different FAA FSDO. The committee, which has gathered conformity checklists used by both operators and the FAA, is in the process of establishing one clear and consistent checklist that will also take into account the rapid pace of technological change and new aircraft equipage requirements.

The FAA has agreed to support the effort and will work with the group to finalize the checklist. The goal is to have the FAA post it as a job aid for inspectors and industry. The committee expects to complete its work this summer and then work with the FAA on final publishing coordination.