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Euro Jet Growth Continues With New Facilities And App

 - May 19, 2014, 12:20 PM
Euro Jet has introduced a new smartphone application to allow its staff to keep clients constantly updated on all aspects of a ground-support operation.

Ground support group Euro Jet Intercontinental (Booth 129) celebrated its fifth anniversary at the EBACE show last year and the past 12 months have seen it stepping up its expansion with new facilities in the east of Europe to respond to rising levels of traffic. Here at this year’s event, the Czech Republic-based group is launching a new smartphone application to allow its staff to provide real-time reporting to customers.

Since May 2013, Euro Jet has opened new crew lounges in the Czech capital Prague, the Montenegrin resort of Tivat and most recently in Constanta, Romania. The company also has forged a new partnership to provide handling and flight support in Turkey.

“Euro Jet is not content to keep things status quo,” said director of global sales and marketing Gareth Danker. “As anyone in aviation knows, it is a very dynamic industry. A serious aviation company must constantly be growing its operation and always taking it to a new level.”

The new lounges have been designed as “comfort zones” for business aircraft crew, with options for conveniently keeping on top of their work or getting some rest. “As we enter our sixth year, I can only be excited for what lies ahead,” said Danker. “More stations, more staff, more lounge development and more concepts that will only enhance the private aviation experience.”

The new lounge in Constanta opened in early April. The coastal city is best known as a summer resort, but it is now seeing growing U.S. military traffic after the government designated it as a major transit point for troop movements. The new lounges are run by full-time staff and feature couches, televisions, computer workstations and refreshments. Immigration clearance and fueling are conveniently available, as are catering services.

“We are very fortunate to work with a team of dedicated aviation professionals that make up the airport management and staff at Constanta Airport,” said Euro Jet CEO Charlie Bodnar. “We are grateful for this opportunity.”

The new Euro Jet smartphone application is used by the group’s agents to keep customers completely informed, up to the minute, on the status of their aircraft, crew and passengers. All information is kept confidential.

“What makes the smartphone application unique is that it is continuously updated while the aircraft is parking, the door opening, the passengers deplaning and so on,” explained Danker.

Euro Jet has a fully-staffed presence in 32 countries at more than 195 airports throughout Europe and Asia. The 210-strong team can provide ground support, flight and landing permits, fuel, catering, credit, hotel reservations and ground transportation.