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Global 7000 Mockup Is Bizav’s Biggest

 - May 20, 2014, 2:20 PM
The 2,637 cu ft inside the cabin of Bombardier’s Global 7000 offer almost endless opportunities for personalization, not to mention elbow room to spare.


Bombardier Aerospace unveiled a full-scale mockup of its Global 7000 yesterday on its stand at EBACE 2014 (Booth 6656). The Canadian manufacturer claims this is the largest-ever business jet mockup–at 111 feet long–and said it “showcases the aircraft’s spaciousness, luxury and comfort.” The massive mockup was shipped from the UK to the European mainland and Geneva via boat and truck.

The ultra-long-range jet, slated to enter service in 2016, also features a large window area–with 28 windows, each 80 percent larger than Global Express windows–allowing for plenty of natural light inside the cabin.

The Global 7000 features a four-zone cabin with a volume of 2,637 cu ft. A long-range cruise of Mach 0.85 will deliver a range of 7,300 nm, providing endurance sufficient for nonstop flights with 10 passengers between city pairs such as London-Singapore, New York-Dubai or Beijing-Washington.

“We are extremely proud to present the mockup of the Global 7000. The new business jet’s breakthrough design illustrates how Bombardier is well ahead of the curve when it comes to offering the ultimate level of comfort,” said Bombardier Business Aircraft president Eric Martel. “This aircraft is the first business jet to offer a true four-zone cabin to satisfy the increasing travel needs of customers and will offer the most comfortable long-flight experience to passengers and crew members.”

The mockup includes a lifelike cockpit, which looks far more spacious that most business jets thanks to the sidestick controllers for the fly-by-wire flight controls and the large Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion flight displays in the Global Vision avionics system. The galley features everything needed, including two full ovens, a microwave, double coffee makers, etc. because well-prepared food becomes critically important on ultra-long flights, said Bassam Sabbagh, vice president and general manager, Global 7000 and Global 8000 aircraft program.

Multiple floorplans will be available, and completions will all be done at Bombardier facilities in Montreal. Naturally, with such a spacious cabin, buyers will be able to customize many interior features or even turn the four-zone cabin into three large zones, Sabbagh said, and thus create a large stateroom from two of the zones, if desired. Generally, the first two zones are work areas, with one double-club seating area and a dining area with a table that morphs from two separate surfaces into a single dining table seating six. Every seat has a window, and the forward and aft lavatories each feature a window. In the third zone, a three-place divan faces a credenza and 42-inch TV, and the divan can turn into a bed. The fourth zone is fitted as a cozy private stateroom, with a double-size bed and headboard, bookshelves, two lamps, dresser and wardrobe. A queen bed could be fitted, in which case a smaller dresser would allow sufficient aisle space.

Having so much space to work with expands the personalization options for buyers, according to Sean Johnson, director of completions Global 7000/8000. “If a customer wants a larger sleeping zone, it’s easy to move bulkheads around and get the extra space for them. Instead of extending credenzas all the way to bulkheads, there’s space and light and design details that we can add around the edges of that credenza to give it the sense that you’re in a flying home rather than a business aircraft. We feel it’s a real advantage to have that extra space in the cabin to accomplish that.”

As announced last week, the Global 7000 and Global 8000 program is progressing well in the detailed design phase, with the majority of the production drawings already released. In addition, assembly of major structures has already started.