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AgustaWestland Spotlights Innovative VIP AW169 Interior At EBACE

 - May 21, 2014, 3:20 PM

Italian helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland (Booth 6629) is showcasing an innovative VIP interior concept for its in-development AW169 at EBACE 2014, replete with artist renderings, color samples and a scaled-down mockup. The four-passenger interior concept features earth tones and swiveling seats with translucent shells. It was created by design firm Lanzavecchia + Wai for the “Flydeas for the City” contest sponsored by AgustaWestland and the contemporary design magazine Interni.

“The interior gives the people inhabiting the aircraft the right to adjust it depending on their needs,” said designer Francesa Lanzavecchia. “Everyone has their own chair to live in with a table, light and recharging socket. It’s private, but it becomes public the moment you decide to [position the seats] in conference seating.”

Lanzavecchia + Wai is primarily a furniture design company with no experience in aircraft interiors. “For us it’s amazing to be able to work with such a big and technical piece of equipment,” Lanzavecchia said. “The concept was about transmitting in a calm and relaxed way the fast speed [of the helicopter]. Speed is the keyword of AgustaWestland.”

The leather sidewalls feature endless rows of long pockets for storing iPads or other personal belongings, or for tucking photos to display during flight.

“This meets our customization requirements-we want to have a personalized aircraft,” said an AgustaWestland spokesman. “The aircraft must be the customer’s, not something standardized.”

No timetable for completion of the interior design has been set, he said. The AW169 is scheduled for certification in 2015.