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Air BP Supporting Operations World Cup Kick-off

 - May 21, 2014, 5:08 AM

Brazil’s airports are standing by for a huge influx of executive aircraft as the FIFA soccer World Cup gets under way next month. Supporters, teams and other stakeholders will turn to business aircraft for transportation to and from Brazil, and also as a means of traveling around the country during the competition. Recognizing the need to meet the temporarily increased demands for fuel services, Air BP (Booth 634) has launched a number of initiatives to augment its well-established Brazilian fuel services.

During the games Air BP will operate a Fast Track program for aircraft flying to and from the competition. Provided that an operator gives the arrival airport at least three hours’ notice, Air BP will guarantee to have a refueler at the client’s aircraft within 20 minutes of landing. Alternatively, clients can book a pre-arranged refueling time. This initiative will help operators that may have tight turnaround times and might be otherwise be held up in longer-than-usual fuel queues.

Another initiative is to hold domestic and international fuel prices at current levels until the end of July, allowing operators to plan their fuel costs well in advance. Fast Track services and frozen pricing will be implemented at all 16 airports in Brazil where Air BP operates. Special fuel pricing deals are being created for what are likely to be the two most popular entry-points during the competition: São Paulo-Guarulhos and Galeão-Antônio Carlos Jobim near Rio de Janeiro.

To complete its World Cup initiatives, Air BP has teamed with Tri-Star Handling Concierge of São Paulo to offer navigation, flight planning, weather and NOTAM services. Additional services can be provided by Tri-Star Concierge, and special rates are available to Air BP customers.