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Comlux Adds ACJ318 As Sharklets Gather In The Middle East

 - May 21, 2014, 6:30 AM
Fly Comlux has the management contract for yet another Airbus ACJ, however it will not be available for charter.

Fly Comlux has added an Airbus ACJ318 to its managed fleet. The aircraft was previously managed by another operator but is now part of the Comlux stable in the Middle East. It is operated purely for its owner and will not be available for charter.

Comlux (Booth 5152) was the launch operator of the ACJ318 seven years ago, but has recently been without the short-cabin version of the ACJ until this new arrival. When Fly Comlux takes delivery of an ACJ321 that is currently still in completion, it will be the only operator in the world to fly all of the single-aisle Airbus corporate jets, with single examples of the ACJ318, 320 and 321 and three of the ACJ319 on its books. One of the latter is also undergoing completion, and all are in VVIP configuration. Fly Comlux has established itself as a major ACJ operator, and one of only a few to have CAT IIIB landing and 180-minute ETOPS clearance.

In 2016 one of the ACJ319s will enter a retrofit program to install Airbus’s Sharklet upturned wingtips, Comlux becoming the first customer for this upgrade for an ACJ319. Saudi Arabia’s Alpha Star Aviation Services is the first customer for an ACJ320 Sharklet retrofit, which will also be undertaken in 2016. Sharklets reduce fuel consumption by about 4 percent, as well as enhancing the aircraft’s ramp appeal, and have been delivered on new-build ACJs since last October.

This week Airbus announced an order for an ACJ320 from a Saudi Arabian owner, with the aircraft to be operated by Aviation Link, which already manages two ACJ319s and an ACJ320.