Ameco Upgrading Four-bay Hangar for Aircraft Overhaul

 - July 16, 2014, 12:30 PM

Ameco Beijing is installing another tail dock at its four-bay hangar to handle growing overhaul workload. The design of the new dock, the fourth to be installed in this hangar, takes into account the needs of new aircraft types such as the Boeing 787 and 747-8. The hangar can be used at capacity with four docks, speeding turn-around time. The $1 million project is slated to be finished by the end of September.

Ameco’s four-bay hangar entered service in 1996 and can host four Boeing 747s for overhaul simultaneously. Manhours logged in 2013 were up by 13 percent over 2012, and the company expects the tally to rise again this year.

In addition to the four-bay hangar, Ameco has a Boeing 747 paint and overhaul hangar, an A380 hangar for maintenance and light checks and a hangar dedicated to bizliner and business jet completions.