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BJT Cabin Electronics Manufacturers 2014

 - August 12, 2014, 6:20 PM
Rockwell Collins Venue Cabin

A business aircraft cabin wouldn’t be complete without a full range of electronics, with the most important for many passengers being Wi-Fi capability, to download presentations and documents, access e-mail and conduct Internet research. 

But cabin electronics isn’t just about the Web; it’s also about ambient LED lighting, flat-screen televisions, high-definition video and entertainment systems, charging ports for cellphones and tablets, satellite communications and noise-cancelling headsets. 

In all of these product areas, it seems, something newer, better or faster is always coming along. Among the products announced at the Aircraft Electronics Association’s annual conference in early March were Honeywell Bendix- King’s AeroWave 100 satcom system, which offers 3G-like data speeds in a system designed for light aircraft; and Flight Display Systems’ Smart Cabin CMS, which combines control of cabin-management, entertainment and wireless-connectivity systems and allows passengers to operate them via their own electronic devices.

Here’s a list of cabin-electronics manufacturers whose products can help keep your cabin on the cutting edge.

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