LABACE Convention News

Air BP’s Eagle Tank Takes Fuel Where It’s Needed

 - August 13, 2014, 2:30 AM

Global aviation fuel supplier Air BP is on hand at LABACE (Booth 1008) to demonstrate its new containerized refueling system (CRS). Known as “the Eagle,” the system is a portable, self-contained unit that can be easily transported by road, rail or water to remote areas.

The ready-to-use tank, which is capable of storing and dispensing aviation fuel in compliance with industry standards, consists of a more than 3,400-gallon (13,000-liter) jet-A storage tank, a loading pump, and an integrated dispensing unit for direct into-plane fueling. The Eagle is delivered empty and Air BP will then fill it according to customer specifications. It can then be refilled in the same manner as a regular tank farm.

“The Eagle offers great flexibility, and with the importance of general aviation in [Brazil] we can see multiple opportunities for usage,” said Ricardo Paganini, the company’s manager for South America. “The size of the country, the variety of general aviation and the growing need for flexible fueling options means our ‘fuel-in-a-box’ offers a great solution to many clients’ fueling challenges, particularly those that are in remote areas or don’t need large quantities of fuel on a regular basis.”

Among the many uses the petroleum refiner sees for the CRS in the Brazilian market is on ranches, helicopter centers, skydiving centers, small airports and pilot-training facilities, as well as serving as temporary dispensers while permanent tank farms are constructed. Air BP will provide customers with safety training on the unit, two of which will be delivered to new general aviation customers following the show.

The fuel provider recently expanded its Brazilian distribution network with the addition of service to Tancredo Neves (formerly Confins International) Airport in Belo Horizonte, the fifth busiest airport in the country in terms of passenger movements. It joins Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão International and São Paulo’s Guarulhos Airports as those among the top five in the country with Air BP fueling.

The new Brazilian location will also accept the fuel provider’s Sterling Card, the 17th airport in the country to join the global network. During the recent FIFA World Cup Tournament, the company reported a tripling of its normal activity at Galeão International Airport, where it introduced fast-track service guaranteeing the arrival of fuel within 20 minutes of landing, given two hours’ prior notice.