LABACE Convention News

First Look Inside the Legacy 500

 - August 13, 2014, 4:41 PM
The newly revealed interior of Embraer's Legacy 500 includes a combination of berthable single seats and multi-place divans.

LABACE has provided the first chance for customers to look inside the Embraer Legacy 500, which was granted ANAC approval this week. The aircraft on display is the fourth development aircraft, and was fitted with a full interior for certification purposes. Emergency egress, cabin systems, placards and many other features of the interior all have to pass muster before the aircraft can be certificated as a whole.

Embraer has configured this particular aircraft for nine passengers, comprised of four single seats on the port side, two forward on the starboard side with a three-seat divan aft. The pairs of single seats can lie flat to provide full-length berths. Although the standard configuration would be for eight passengers in single seats, the use of port and starboard divans, a belted toilet seat and a forward side-facing seat can increase accommodation to 12.

Featuring the Honeywell Ovation Select cabin management system, the cabin measures six feet, 10 inches in width and is six feet high. The Legacy 500 is the only aircraft in its class to have a wet galley, and has a vacuum toilet as standard.

The aircraft on display at LABACE will be retained by Embraer as a demonstrator, and will be joined by two more later this year from early in the production run.