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Helibras “Blue Line” Status Will Streamline Support

 - August 13, 2014, 10:15 AM
Helibras's new "Blue Line" status with Brazilian tax authorities should speed up parts deliveries and other aspects of customer support.

Helibrás (Chalet 5104) has received the Brazilian “Blue Line” Internal Revenue Service qualification, making the company the only helicopter manufacturer authorized to use the system–which helps it to streamline customer support. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters.

Blue Line is a special procedure of customs facilitation, created by Brazil’s IRS to offer express customs clearance for import, export and transit operations with prior qualification. Without it, processing an item through customs would take on average of five days. With this system, the wait drops to 24 hours.

“The main benefit, undoubtedly, is greater flexibility in importing parts and spare parts to serve customers,” said Flávio Pires, v-p of support and services for Helibrás, which manufactures helicopters for Airbus Helicopters.

“With… Blue Line, Helibras will be able to meet 95 percent of requests before the deadline stipulated for the service. And we are working to create a bonded warehouse to various market segments, particularly customers of oil and gas,” said Flavio.

Currently, only 49 domestic companies in all segments of the economy have been enabled by the IRS to operate the Blue Line system.