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Avantto introduces Combo ownership

 - August 14, 2014, 3:11 PM
Avantto's Combo program allows fractional owners to combine their shares in a jet, such as this Embraer Phenom 300, with shares in rotorcraft, as well.

Avantto is one of Brazil’s most active aircraft management and fractional ownership companies. In addition to its more traditional services, it launched a new Combo program this year under which owners can purchase a share that includes flight time in both a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter.

Avantto currently has 54 aircraft and helicopters in its fleet, serving around 350 customers. Fractionally owned aircraft, with three, four or six owners, consist of Embraer Phenom 100s and 300s. The company is looking at adding a midsize aircraft to the fractional fleet, with Embraer’s new Legacy 500 considered as the front-runner. The fractionally owned helicopter fleet is made up of Robinson R44s, Helibrás/Airbus Helicopters EC120s and AS350s, and AgustaWestland AW109s. Additionally, Avantto manages a range of other aircraft types for individual owners.

While a few aircraft from the managed fleet are based outside the southeast Brazil region, Avantto’s fleet is concentrated in Rio de Janeiro, and at Congonhas and Campo de Marte airports in the São Paulo district. The company is looking at expanding to include Belo Horizonte and Brasilia.

Under the current fractional ownership arrangements, customers can trade hours between types, particularly between the jet and helicopter fleets, and can upgrade or downgrade on certain flights. Customers can book with as little as six hours’ notice for helicopters, or 24 hours for fixed-wing aircraft.

Taking the fractional concept one step further, Avantto’s new Combo scheme combines jet and helicopter ownership in one package. Costs vary depending on which types of aircraft and helicopter are selected, the share proportion, and on the expected amount of usage. Flexibility is built into the system to allow trading of hours and types, with additional fees as applicable.

Entry level for the Combo program is a package consisting of a one-tenth share in an EC120 and a one-sixth share in a Phenom 100. The basic share package costs $725,000, to which is added a monthly charge of R$29,669 ($13,000) that guarantees 15 hours’ usage. The monthly charge covers fixed costs such as maintenance, flight crew and insurance. There is an additional cost per flying hour of R$1,598.50 ($700) for the EC120 and R$3,744.23 ($1,640) for the Phenom 100 to cover fuel and other hours-related costs.

At the upper end of the Combo scheme is a one-tenth share in an AW109 combined with a one-third share in a Phenom 300, with a combined share value of $3,823,000. Monthly costs to guarantee 25 hours are R$67,783 ($29,730), with hourly flying costs of R$3,702.23 ($1,620) for the AW109 and R$4,877.28 ($2,140) for the Phenom.

Avantto is receiving significant interest in the Combo scheme, and is also doing well in its more traditional markets. The size of the fleet and the company’s pedigree in aircraft maintenance has allowed Avantto to negotiate advantageous insurance rates with 50 to 60 percent reduction in premiums, and fuel prices that are 25 to 30 percent lower than standard.