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TrueNorth Offers New Experience for Optelity Pro Buyers

 - November 17, 2015, 8:30 AM

For a new twist on in-flight entertainment (IFE), the TrueNorth Avionics Optelity Experience app provides a curated package of IFE content for aircraft equipped with the Optelity Pro cabin communications platform. Demonstrations are available at the TrueNorth booth (C13639).

The Optelity Experience is powered by the UGO service platform, which was developed by Paris-based Display Interactive. The way the system works is by loading content at the FBO terminal or gate using the Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway system’s LTE (cellular) network. Content includes movies, short videos, corporate documents, moving-maps and magazines. In addition, Optelity Experience customers can customize the content and take advantage of the system’s concierge service, which includes “exclusive lifestyle experiences.” These allow users to arrange unique experiences, such as a personal shopping tour or tennis lesson with a pro, according to TrueNorth. “Experiences vary by destination and they may only be offered once in a lifetime.”

UGO was designed as an innovative solution for the in-flight entertainment market, based on our airline experience,” said Thierry Carmes, Display Interactive co-founder and strategy and development director. “It is all about customer engagement and service differentiation, with technical sophistication that belies how easy it is to use. Transforming the app to fit business jet users is a natural progression, and we have definitely found a cultural match with TrueNorth.”

This app is about the passenger experience and designed to provide a bespoke entertainment solution,” said TrueNorth CEO Mark van Berkel.