Gentex Debuts New Dimmable Window Technology

 - November 9, 2016, 11:52 AM

Aircraft window manufacturer Gentex unveiled its latest generation of electronically dimmable windows (EDW) last week at NBAA 2016. The next-generation sunlight- and heat-control solution features: high-speed transition between clear and dark; a new ultra-dark; low-end transmission; thin-film coating to eliminate harmful IR and UV light that can fade and damage interior fabrics; and according to the Michigan-based manufacturer, reduced maintenance and operation costs compared with traditional shades.

This new technology energizes an electrochromic gel placed between two sheets of conductive glass and provides a Bluetooth-compatible wireless control capability through personal electronic devices or the aircraft cabin management system. The dimmable windows premiered on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Beechcraft King Air 350i.

EDW is a great addition to business aircraft because it helps create a comfortable and functional interior space by controlling heat and glare,” said Mike Behm, the company’s director of aerospace sales and marketing. “This next generation of dimmable aircraft window is another example of how Gentex strives to enhance the experience of flight with an enlarged view of the outdoor environment, improved passenger comfort and intuitive individual or crew control over the entire cabin environment.”