TNA Aviation Intros Heavy-duty Remote-controlled Tug

 - August 16, 2017, 1:13 PM

TNA Aviation Technologies has launched a heavy-duty version of the TowFLEXX 5-series remote-controlled electrical towbarless aircraft tug. The tug is rated for aircraft  of up to 165,000 pounds mtow, though its prime movers have a tractive motor power up to 176,000 pounds. According to TNA, its heavy-duty model is designed and configured for significant stress and can handle aircraft on steep slopes and inclines.

Customers have been asking for an affordable and compact tug system, especially in the heavy-duty weight range of 100,000 to 150,000 pounds mtow, and we’ve responded by introducing a smart and powerful electrical aircraft tow vehicle, making it much easier to overcome slopes and inclines and operate under tough environmental conditions,” said Michael Turwitt, managing partner of TNA Aviation Technologies. “The TowFLEXX HD features a special transmission and gear drive combined with many features that deliver unique functionality normally not even found in bigger and more expensive conventional tow tugs,” he added.

The company said that remote controlled aircraft tugs are more efficient, can improve hangar space utilization and increase safety.