PlaneSense Captures Fire Foam Test on Video

 - August 23, 2017, 12:20 PM

Fractional-share provider PlanseSense successfully completed a once-every-five-year functional test of its emergency fire extinguishing system in its 40,000-sq-ft hangar yesterday at the company’s Portsmouth International Airport headquarters in New Hampshire, capturing the entire event on video. In the event of a fire, the non-toxic foam is rapidly fired from ducts in the hangar ceiling to smother flames. Roughly 25 gallons of foam mixture was used in yesterday’s simulation, creating about 10 feet of soap bubbles throughout the hangar.

The hangar represents half of the company’s 88,000-sq-ft office complex and is used to service PlaneSense’s fleet of nearly 40 aircraft, which includes the largest civilian squadron of Pilatus PC-12s. Approximately 60 aircraft mechanics and line staff work inside the hangar on any given day.

The foam test is performed every five years with the assistance of the Portsmouth Fire Department, though additional safety and fire system tests are conducted on a yearly basis, according to the company. “We are proud to showcase this rarely witnessed aspect of aviation safety, as well as the technology integrated within this facility,” said PlaneSense vice president of flight operations Ray Torres. “It’s just one example of the many safety systems we have in place.”