Baldwin, Truth Data Team on Bizav Safety Data Services

 - September 5, 2017, 12:00 PM

Truth Data and Baldwin Aviation have formed a strategic partnership to provide flight operations quality assurance (FOQA), flight data monitoring (FDM) and safety management systems (SMS) services to their fixed-wing and helicopter customers. Baldwin will provide the latter, while Truth Data will handle FOQA and FDM services.

We see a real opportunity to work with Baldwin to help air medical helicopter operators prepare for the HEMS/HAA FDM Rule [helicopter air ambulance rule, FAR 135.607 flight data monitoring system],” said Truth Data president Peter Henrikson. “While we support the two largest air medical operators in the U.S. and Australia—Air Methods and Toll Helicopters—we also scale our services to make these key safety-enhancing services available to operators with fleets as small as one aircraft.”

According to Baldwin Aviation president Don Baldwin, “Customers will benefit as we bring both FOQA/FDM and SMS reported data together in one comprehensive program at a reasonable cost. Operators will see the value immediately working from one program to connect all safety data. This is another step in Baldwin’s goal of providing a centralized system for safety and operations management.”