Business Aviation

News and issues relating to business, corporate and private aviation, primarily regarding turbine-engine-powered airplanes and helicopters. Subjects include aircraft, engines, personnel, acquisitions, accidents, safety, security and training.

Jul 25, 2017 - 9:59 AM
The hourly cost maintenance provider tracks the activity of hundreds of aircraft worldwide.
Jul 25, 2017 - 9:48 AM
Features of the G1000NXi include faster processing times, improved graphics rendering and enhanced readability with LED bED back-lighting.
IS&S panel
Jul 24, 2017 - 11:05 PM
IS&S and Blackhawk partner on new avionics upgrade and autothrottles for King Airs.
Jul 24, 2017 - 8:40 PM
Deliveries had been on hold since May 2016.
Jul 24, 2017 - 7:23 PM
New Owner Pilot Aircraft policy holders will receive a one-year subscription for two pilots to Sporty's Takeoff App Pro version.
Dassault Falcon 900LX
Jul 24, 2017 - 12:24 PM
2,500th business jet is a Falcon 900LX that was handed over at Dassault's Little Rock Completion Center to a long-time Falcon customer based in the U.S.
Jul 24, 2017 - 11:05 AM
The company cited a decrease in transient traffic at Nagoya Airport.
Jul 24, 2017 - 11:01 AM
Former Clinton and Bush officials are backing ATC reform, but say business aircraft operators should pay same fees.
Test article 3 Denali
Jul 24, 2017 - 8:01 AM
The company is building aircraft structures, and testing is under way for the prop and engines.
Jul 23, 2017 - 10:11 PM
More than 2,000 business jets could qualify for Elliott Aviation's new ADS-B upgrade for Primus II-equipped airplanes.