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British defense industriesconfront bribery, corruption

 - November 15, 2006, 7:59 AM

Leading UK defense firms and two defense trade associations have joined forces to establish the UK Defence Industry Anti-Corruption Forum. Representatives met for an inaugural meeting of the new forum on May 18. In a joint statement, they declared that the initiative “reflects the shared determination of the key industrial partners to promote the prevention of bribery and corruption in the international defense market.” All those involved claim to have established policies that “meet high ethical values, backed up with compliance procedures o ensure that their employees observe the laws in all those countries in which they operate.”

The Society of British Aerospace Industries, the Defence Manufacturers Association, AgustaWestland, BAE Systems, Marshall Aerospace, Martin-Baker, MBDA, Rolls-Royce, Selex, Smiths Aerospace, Thales UK and VT Group back the initiative.

The forum will brief its members on new legal and procedural requirements. Its next meeting is to be held some time in the fall.