Farnborough Air Show

Elbit’s wares span warfare spectrum

 - November 27, 2006, 5:45 AM

A full-range of military aerospace technologies and mission solutions are on offer from Elbit (Hall 1 Stand C17), the Israeli group that also owns 70 percent of electronic warfare firm, Elisra.

For instance, the firm’s new multi-platform and mission virtual cockpit gives visitors a close-to-reality flight experience. The cockpit is set to transform the way advanced systems and mission performance are presented at shows like this by generating a true-to-life experience with detailed accuracy in all aspects.

A full-screen, interactive panorama shows high-fidelity views and special effects replicating how avionics systems function on various fixed-wing and rotorcraft platforms. The presentation now includes Elbit’s electro-optics and electronic warfare/electronic intelligence.

Also on show here is the Skylark II close range tactical UAV system that features advanced intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance capabilities. The compact and easily deployable system is said to be ideal for both military and homeland defense missions. It can operate by day or night, and in adverse weather conditions, collecting data and marking targets and mission ranges exceeding 30 miles.

Elbit also offers the smaller Skylark hand-launched, man-portable UAV for tactical close-range “beyond-the-hill” surveillance and reconnaissance, perimeter security, convoy escort, force protection missions as well as artillery fire adjustment. Skylark has been selected for initial procurement for the Israel Defense Forces ground forces after being the sole system among participants in the defense ministry’s fly-off program to successfully pass a series of stringent tests.

The larger Hermes 450 tactical long endurance UAV is also on display here this week, featuring full redundancy, advanced composite structure and optimized aerodynamics. The system has accumulated more than 45,000 operational flight hours with an outstanding safety record.

Hermes 450 is the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces’ UAV fleet and is almost certainly being deployed over Lebanon this week in the ongoing attacks against suspected Hezbollah targets. It also contributes the UAV core of the major UK tactical UAV Watchkeeper program.

The Lizard 3 laser seeker for improved bombing against moving targets and strong winds features improved jamming immunity. The seeker can be seen mounted on a laser-guided bomb on the Saab JAS-39 Gripen aircraft, which is on static display.

Elbit subsidiary Cyclone Aviation has a broadened array of products that now include 600 gallon external fuel tanks and pylons which have been in use for over 17 years by the Israel air force on F-16 fighters. Six other air forces have already purchased the tanks, whose operational advantages over 370 standard tanks include a 50 percent increase in air-to-ground operational range and a 40 percent increase in patrol time.

Wholly-owned Elbit subsidiary Electro-Optics Elop Ltd. is presenting its stabilized electro-optical payload systems. Among these is the Compact Multi-Purpose Advanced Stabilized System, which is used in airborne, naval and ground applications.