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Newest Elta radars prove versatile and easy to install

 - November 27, 2006, 6:28 AM

Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Elta Systems division has unveiled what it describes as a new generation of airborne radar warning receivers. Designated the EL/L-8265RWL, IAI describes the system as being highly accurate in terms of providing the pilot with the exact location of any potential threat systems. It operates in the 1-18 GHz frequency band, has 360-degree spatial coverage and utilizes a simple antenna configuration.

Two of the more notable aspects of this system are that it is  compact and easy to install on multiple platforms, making it an application for both manned and unmanned platforms, and that it has an electronic support measures functionality built in that allows it to passively search for all manner of emissions–not just radar pulses. Also, unlike some previous-generation systems of this type, there is no elaborate calibration required for El/L-8265RWL.

Although there are numerous potential fits for this system, IAI is proposing it for the “fighter aircraft of an undisclosed country,” and said this program is “valued at tens of millions of dollars in its various phases.” Among other possible export avenues for the equipment are several nations seeking to modernize their older model Mikoyan MiG-29 fighters.