Dubai Air Show

Dubai Air Wing upgrades its Hercs with CMC avionics

 - December 12, 2006, 6:26 AM

CMC Electronics has completed the  avionics systems integration of the cockpit upgrade for the Dubai  Air Wing’s L100-30 Hercules, one of which is on static display here. The operator has also selected CMC’s PilotView electronic flight bag (EFB) for installation on its L100.

The core of the upgrade is CMC’s CMA-900 flight management system (FMS), which features a color liquid-crystal multifunction display, and includes CMC Electronics’ GPS sensor. Prime contractor Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Co. was responsible for all program depot maintenance (PDM) inspection requirements, a new cargo handling system, aircraft painting and the installation of the cockpit systems.

The Dubai Air Wing configuration is a multi-sensor system based on a fully integrated dual CMA-900 FMS, which the vendor says provides effectively 100 percent dispatch reliability anywhere in the world, along with seamless navigation from takeoff to final approach.

“We are looking forward to  realizing the many economic,  operational and, in particular, safety-related benefits provided by the upgrade of our L100-30 aircraft,” said Dubai Air Wing commander Col. Rashid Balhaul. The upgrade will allow the airplane to meet all precision area navigation (P-Rnav), flight data recording and terrain avoidance warning system requirements.

The PilotView bridges the gap between low-end off-the-shelf PC tablets and high-end Class 3 EFBs, by offering an avionics-grade hardware package and certification to DO-160D for use in all phases of flight. The package consists of a lightweight, compact and self-contained electronic display and processing unit, and a companion power and expansion module unit.

In addition to software definable FMS-style line-select keys around the sunlight readable display, the PilotView EFB offers    a film-on-glass touch-sensitive screen providing pilots with a choice when accessing or navigating through EFB software applications such as electronic charts, checklists, e-documents, performance calculations, real-time weather, surveillance video and moving maps.  

CMC Equips Dutch Tankers

CMC Electronics has been selected to supply a suite of avionics equipment for the Royal Netherlands Air Force program to update the cockpits of two KDC-10 air tankers and one DC-10 passenger/cargo aircraft.

The Canadian firm will supply the avionics to systems integrator Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, which is teamed with prime contractor Fokker Services. The aircraft are being upgraded in line with International Civil Aviation Organization communication, navigation and surveillance/air traffic management requirements. The first aircraft is scheduled for delivery in December 2006.

CMC is responsible for supplying and integrating two of its CMA-900 global positioning system-based flight management systems per aircraft as well as the communications management unit, data loader and engine instrument display system (EIDS). The EIDS is a digital display that replaces the original electromechanical instruments for the engines. CMC will also handle the avionics installation design.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force upgrade configuration provides for multisensor navigation including GPS and inertial and incorporates tactical navigation and guidance. The aircraft will meet P-Rnav requirements and barometric altitude-based vertical guidance for nonprecision approaches.  The CMA-900 features a color, liquid-crystal multifunction display and includes CMC’s 12-channel GPS sensor.

According to CMC, the CMA-900 has received more U.S. and other national civil aviation authority approvals than any competing product for the avionics upgrade of Boeing 747 classic aircraft.  The CMA-900 has also been installed and integrated on McDonnell Douglas DC-10s and a large number of Lockheed C-130 aircraft worldwide. Including recent orders, the CMA-900 is now in service with more than 60 airlines and military operators.