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New turkish trainer

 - June 18, 2007, 9:13 AM

Turkey’s indigenous primary/basic trainer program now has a name–Huˇrkus¸. It officially received its name on May 23, during the International Defense Industry Fair in Ankara. The name honors Vecihi Huˇrkus¸, who made significant contributions to the local aerospace industry and was chosen after a questionnaire was circulated among employees of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). The five-year trainer development program got under way in March 2006 after an agreement was signed between TAI and the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries. Huˇrkus¸ is currently in the preliminary design phase, and four prototypes will be built. The first is due to fly in late 2009, with first deliveries to the Turkish Air Force scheduled for 2011 following the completion of EASA CS Part 23 certification. Huˇrkus¸ will have day/night capability, cockpit pressurization, ejection seat, on-board oxygen-generating system and an anti-g system. In Turkish service it is expected to take on the roles of primary/basic training, plus instruction in navigation, formation flying and instrument flight.