EADS Gets Money for Advanced UAV Study

 - December 17, 2007, 12:14 PM

EADS Defense and Security Division confirmed that three European governments have provided funds for a risk-reduction study of the company’s concept for a modular, jet-powered reconnaissance UAV. EADS Germany previously designed, built and flew a UCAV demonstrator called the Barracuda mainly using its own funds, but this unmanned airplane crashed last year during an early test flight. The German government has persuaded France and Spain help fund the study, even though those two countries are also supporting the multinational Neuron UCAV technology demonstrator. The EADS concept includes long, high-aspect-ratio wings for high-altitude surveillance flights that are replaced by shorter, swept ones for low-altitude target acquisition and battle-damage assessment flights. Thales of France and Indra of Spain will contribute radar sensor experience to the 15-month study.