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Japan to take two more Q300 ocean patrollers

 - February 11, 2008, 10:02 AM

Field Aviation has just won a contract to convert two more Bombardier Q300 twin turboprops for use as platforms for the Japan Coast Guard’s maritime patrol and search-and-rescue operations. The Canadian modifications specialist is already fulfilling a January 2007 contract to supply three of the aircraft.

The aircraft being modified at Field’s Toronto facility will feature specially equipped cabin interiors and large conformal observation windows. Field has also developed a rear cargo door that will be certified for in-flight airdrops of equipment such as survival rafts. The Q300s are being fitted with surveillance sensors, including a 360-degree surface search radar, a stabilized forward-looking infrared electro-optical, multispectral imaging system and a full suite of mission navigation communications equipment.

The two new airplanes will start undergoing the $13 million modification process in January 2009 and are due to be delivered in November of next year. Field has previously completed Bombardier turboprop conversions for maritime patrol agencies in Australia, the U.S., Sweden and Iceland.