Singapore Air Show

ITT specializes in ‘letting it go’

 - February 19, 2008, 9:18 PM

To take a place in the top ten United States defense companies represents an achievement by any measure, and ITT (Stand No. P51) continues to raise its profile in the wake of the recent key acquisition of EDO, renowned as a major supplier of weapons release systems. Added to the existing ITT defense products and services capabilities, the company’s BRU-57 and Smart-TER multiple weapons carriage release units increase the “smart” weapons load-out for tactical aircraft such as the F-16.

Consequently, several air forces in this region flying F-16 fighters may want to increase their effectiveness by upgrading their weapons release equipment. Subject to security clearance, ITT says it’s ready to meet local market demands. Displayed on the company’s stand, the modular advanced light training system will help to hone fighter pilots’ skills, while reducing costs.

Recognizing the importance of the Asian market, ITT has opened several new offices in the region, including New Delhi and most recently Seoul, where John Freund, the company’s Asian regional v-p wants to address the many opportunities for ITT. They include air traffic control upgrades for which the company’s radar systems division offers its next-generation air traffic management capabilities such as ADS-B.

Already a major supplier of night-vision equipment to the Singaporean armed forces, ITT is featuring its enhanced night-vision goggles here, as the first to optically overlay image intensification with infrared imagery. The device is now in production and deliveries to U.S. Army units have begun.