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C-17 Engine Wash Helps To Improve Reliability

 - June 14, 2009, 8:56 AM

Pratt & Whitney’s EcoPower engine wash for the F117 turbofan is helping the worldwide C-17 fleet achieve an 85-percent mission-capable rate, despite the aircraft routinely operating in harsh conditions. EcoPower reduces fuel burn by 1.2 percent, as well as carbon dioxide emissions and exhaust gas temperature.

EcoPower is one element of a performance-based maintenance program. Under Pratt & Whitney’s fleet maintenance, on-wing time for the F117 has increased by more than 185 percent over the last decade, and the continued good health of the fleet remains a top priority for the company.

Meanwhile, P&W continues to produce F117 engines for the C-17, and has recently delivered the engines for the first of two aircraft for Qatar. As it stands, the final contracted C-17 is due to be rolled out in the late summer of 2010. However, Boeing has funded 15 more to satisfy expected demand. U.S. Congress has requested a further eight machines, while Qatar has an option for two more, which is likely to be taken up. Earlier this year the United Arab Emirates announced it would buy four, and final negotiations now under way.