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AIS Introduces Solid-State Inertial Nav System

 - June 15, 2009, 7:42 AM

Atlantic Inertial Systems (AIS) has introduced a new generation of ruggedized solid-state inertial MEMS (micro electromechanical systems). The system improves noise performance and halves the bias of a current inertial measurement unit or single-axis rate sensor. This makes them compatible with long-endurance missions, the company claims. Such missions and other applications are usually served by pricier, bigger and heavier mechanical or fiber-optic systems. AIS (Hall 2B Stand G91) manufactures both conventional spinning-wheel gyros and solid-state MEMS sensors for weapon applications.

In addition, AIS has announced improvements for its military Terprom digital terrain system. The first enhances navigation performance through higher resolution. Even without GPS signal, accuracy could improve from 20 to 10 meters, measured in circular error probable, the company said. The second development is integration of digital terrain data with information from active forward-looking sensors. It is supposed to improve accuracy and integrity of Terprom navigation. Moreover, according to AIS, the pilot’s situational awareness is improved.