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Three Arab nations join the Amraam community

 - November 15, 2009, 9:01 AM

Letters of offer and acceptance (LOAs) covering the supply of Raytheon’s AIM-120C-7, the latest version of the proven advanced medium-range air-to-air missile (Amraam), have been signed by three Arab nations: Kuwait, Morocco and Jordan (in order of signing).

Kuwait is purchasing the weapon to equip its KAF-18 Hornet fighters, while Morocco is getting the missiles for the 24 F-16 Block 52s that were recently ordered through FMS channels. Jordan is also to use the Amraam on the F-16.

These deals follow the United Arab Emirates, which has already executed a letter of offer and acceptance with the U.S. for the AIM-120C-7, signing for 224 missiles in February to equip the F-16 Block 60.

The AIM-120C-7 improves on earlier versions by replacing the traditionally rectangular processor circuit boards with circular units, providing additional volume for increased processing.

The guidance system has new algorithms that make turns smoother, saving energy during the missile’s fly-out to give greater range or end-game maneuver capability.
All versions of the Amraam have now notched more than 1.7 million on-wing hours and over 2,400 live firings.