Singapore Air Show

B-52 Bomber Gets Bomber Network Connected

 - January 31, 2010, 9:03 PM

The B-52 design may be 58 years old, but the “Buff” is keeping pace with modern technology. On January 17 Boeing flew the latest upgrade of its mighty bomber for the first time in a three-hour sortie from Edwards AFB. The B-52H was outfitted with the combat network communications technology (CONECT) modification, which allows the B-52 to receive and send digital information in real time during missions. Not only will this give the B-52 crew greater situational awareness, but it will provide command centers and troops with the ability to communicate digitally with the bomber, in turn enhancing its ability to support operations on the ground. Visitors to the Singapore Airshow should get a chance to witness the size and power of the B-52 for themselves during a rare appearance here on Saturday.