Singapore Air Show

Elbit shows off ‘network in action’ systems

 - February 2, 2010, 1:42 AM

Elbit Systems (Stand N65) is showing a big-screen multimedia presentation here at Singapore entitled “Networking in Action.” The presentation features real-life combat situations and demonstrates how the “systems’ interoperability, in offensive operations on enemy territory, enables achievement of crucial objectives.” It also allows viewers to experience combat experiences and missions with special effects replicating how the systems work.

The Israeli defense electronics group, which also has developed the Hermes family of unmanned aerial vehicles, is featuring a number of other products at this year’s show, among them:

• Skylark II–a covert tactical unmanned aerial systems for day, night and adverse weather observation, data collection and target marking at mission ranges exceeding 60 kilometers.

• Universal Ground Control Stations–capable of controlling any type of UAS, they incorporate functionality derived from decades of UAS operations in Israel and worldwide in all support mission phases.

• Micro-multipurpose advanced stabilization system (Micro-CoMPASSTM)–an eight-inch, lightweight and compact day-and-night surveillance system optimized for use in a wide range of platforms.

• Display and sight helmet system (DASH)–system enables pilots aim their weapons simply by looking at the target. DASH measures the pilot’s line-of-sight relative to the aircraft and transfers its information to other aircraft systems, including sensors, avionics and weapons.

Elbit Systems has actively expanded its activities in the area of maintenance, support and operational systems worldwide. Service and support activities are performed in Israel by Elbit Systems’ wholly owned subsidiary Elbit Systems-Cyclone, specializing in aircraft and helicopter maintenance and production of advanced structural assemblies. In addition, Elbit Systems was selected to operate the Israeli T6-1 aircraft that was chosen to replace the aging Zukit primary trainer.