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Sikorsky Launches Innovation Scheme

 - February 2, 2010, 8:01 PM

Sikorsky has launched a technology development organization called Sikorsky Innovations, whose mission is to develop and mature technologies, products and processes. Sikorsky Innovations, a “virtual organization,” will strive to shorten execution timelines and reduce costs, the U.S. helicopter manufacturer announced this week.

Among those technologies are several that the company says will “redefine the future” of vertical flight, including high-speed flight, optionally piloted aircraft (including a possible UAV version of the BlackHawk) and brownout operations. In addition, Sikorsky Innovations will pursue development of rapid-prototyping tools, advanced manufacturing automation, virtual reality simulation and high-performance computing.

The company also plans to invest in small companies, much like its interest in Eagle Aviation Technologies, which specializes in prototype components. In total, Sikorsky plans to align more than $1 billion of investments and contract R&D in the new organization’s work over the next 10 years.