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Stratech Aero launched to take on UAV market

 - February 2, 2010, 1:47 AM

Singapore-based Stratech Systems Ltd. yesterday signed an agreement covering the establishment of a joint venture with Israeli UAV specialists Aeronautics. The new entity, Stratech Aeronautics, will operate from Singapore and will initially fo-
cus on the Asia-Pacific region. Not only will the new teaming enhance and market its existing products, but will ultimately develop new offerings.

Stratech develops intelligent vision, intelligent transport systems and e-systems. Among its capabilities are advanced weapons scoring, change detection and maritime surveillance.

Aeronautics was formed in 1997 and has developed a range
of unmanned systems, including air and surface vehicles. UAVs include the Orbiter, Picador and Aerostar. The company has also developed the Skystar 300 mobile aerostat-based surveillance platform.

A number of potential projects for the joint venture have already been outlined, including the combination of Stratech’s iFerret with Aeronautics UAVs to provide battlefield situation awareness. The iFerret is a crater/unexploded ordnance detection system that can also be used for foreign object detection for runways and taxiways.