Sagem Launches Vertical-attack Laser AASM

 - July 16, 2010, 1:16 AM
Sagem’s Armement Air-Sol Modulaire series provides inertial, GPS, infrared and now laser guidance options. The laser AASM is the first weapon in this class to offer vertical attack capability. (DGA)

Announced last week was the first successful test of the 250-kilogram laser-guided version of Sagem’s AASM modular weapon. The laser AASM was launched from a Rafale and hit a target at the Biscarrosse range 25 kilometers away. AASM versions already qualified are the basic inertial/GPS guided bomb, and a version that adds imaging infrared. With a laser seeker replacing the infrared, the new version gives one-meter accuracy, and incorporates advanced algorithms that allow the weapon to attack its target with a vertical trajectory in the terminal phase. The benefits of attacking from directly above are full control of the impact parameters and reduced collateral damage compared to slant attacks.