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Paris 2011: Terma Radar Aims To Slow Wind Turbine and Air Surveillance Dilemma

 - June 23, 2011, 4:05 AM

Surveillance of aircraft by ground radar in proximity of wind farms is an increasing concern and Terma (Hall E E2) claims to have the answer with its Scanter 4002 radar system.

The problem is that large wind farms can have a negative effect on ground radar used to track aircraft, as the spinning wind-turbine blades appear on radar as unwanted targets. According to the Danish firm, the Scanter 4002 is the only air-surveillance system that shows the stationary wind-turbine towers, filters out the clutter and still detects and tracks small air targets near the wind farms.

The wind-turbine/radar issue has created some conflict between the expanding energy and ensuring aviation safety. “The uncertainty has lead to the postponement or even rejection of several planned wind farms,” according to Terma. In fact, Terma claims that some 45 percent of all new wind-farm projects in the U.S. were postponed or rejected due to concerns over aviation safety.

Separately, the Norwegian Royal Air Force has selected a Terma missile-warning system for its F-16 fleet, following a development program in Denmark for the pylon-based missile-warning system. The Cassidian Electronics AAR-60(V)2 MILDS-F is based on a derivative of the Terma-developed product in which pylons on stations three and seven are each equipped with three missile warning sensors, giving nearly 360-deree spherical coverage against missile attack.