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Russians Enhance Fighter Training With 3-D Glasses

 - November 13, 2011, 12:01 PM
Russia’s RAC MiG Corp is displaying a new simulator system that projects a stereo image with 3-D glasses.

Russia’s RAC MiG Corp is displaying a new simulator system at the Dubai Air Show this week, and is inviting show attendees to try their hand at mastering it. The simulator provides three-dimensional visualization of the beyond-cockpit space, but at much reduced cost and complexity compared to other 3-D systems.

Typically, simulators present imagery on a 2-D or a domed surface. In such devices the assessment of distance is difficult, which is far from ideal in training for such depth-dependent tasks as low-level and formation flying, approaches to both land bases and carriers, and in-flight refueling. There are also systems available that provide 3-D visualization, but they are very expensive and cumbersome, and allow the 3-D image to be seen only from the pilot’s seat.

RAC MiG has answered these problems with its new low-cost system. It projects a stereo image that requires the use of 3-D glasses, similar to those worn cinemas, giving excellent depth perception. The system is being demonstrated here in the form of a MiG-29 fighter cockpit, including the aircraft’s actual systems.


Russians have been masters in developing the new weapons and by wearing this 3-D glass the pilots will get the fine and depth perception .

This simulator will lower down the price because its on better technique and visuals will be of great quality as well.This RAC mig will be displayed in dubai.

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