Airbus C295 Wins Spanish Civil Certification

 - July 13, 2012, 2:55 PM
Airbus Military has flown a C295 carrying MBDA Marte Mk 2 anti-ship missiles on underwing hard points. (Photo: Airbus Military)

Airbus Military announced that the C295 transport has achieved civil certification from the Spanish civil aviation authority. The company also released pictures of the C295 carrying MBDA Marte Mk 2 anti-ship missiles.

Airbus Military said it undertook the civil certification in response to the growing interest in the C295 by agencies and operators conducting humanitarian and other civic operations. The director of the Spanish civil aviation authority said that “a great effort” was required for the aircraft to gain its civil ticket. The configurations now approved include personnel transport with side-facing seats for up to 70 occupants or “airline-style” seats for up to 51 occupants; medical evacuation with up to 21 NATO litters; carriage of up to eight cargo pallets; cargo aerial delivery; and operations on unpaved runways.

Integration of the Marte anti-ship missile will add a second weapon to the maritime-patrol version of the C295. The aircraft can already drop Mk 46 torpedoes. Firing trials with the Marte are planned for October/November.