Paris Air Show

Armed Ellipse Sports Laser-Guided Rockets

 - June 20, 2013, 10:50 AM

LH Aviation’s LH-10 Ellipse light aircraft is no stranger to the Paris Air Show, and an example is flying in the display here this week. Another Rotax 912ULS-powered LH-10 is being shown at the company’s stand (outdoor area B57) in an armed ISR configuration, complete with TDA’s new RPM laser-guided 68mm rockets in two-round launchers.

LH designed the Ellipse as a highly versatile, low-cost aircraft. Its innovative carbon-fiber construction keeps weight down and allows it to be easily tailored to various roles. For instance, the aircraft can be re-roled from trainer to the surveillance/light attack role by swapping nose sections. In the surveillance role the aircraft can carry small gimbaled sensors such as the Aero Surveillance Otus-L170. Reconnaissance sensors and imagery, including full-motion video, can be managed with the Samsara multi-sensor command and control system from Cassidian.

LH Aviation scored its first military sales success with the purchase of four by the Benin air force. The first two were delivered in October 2011.