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Elta Adds Elint Capability to Reconnaissance Pod

 - February 11, 2014, 3:55 AM

The Elta subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (Booth P39) has added an electronic intelligence (Elint) capability to its ELM-2060 synthetic-aperture radar reconnaissance pod. The pod fits on the centerline of fighters from almost any origin, and has already been sold to a number of customers worldwide.

The integration of the Elint capability in the pod was achieved through advances in hardware miniaturization. Based on Elta’s ELK-8385 proven Interferometric electronic support measures/Elint system, the integrated dual-use pod, designated ELI-2060E, can currently deliver radar imagery with Elint target overlay. This capability allows the operator to collect enhanced multi-intelligence data during a single reconnaissance flight leg, increasing both the probability of detection of ground targets and providing enhanced identification capabilities, the company claims. Real-time exploitation and uplinked mission updates improve intelligence collection efficiency by focusing the imaging at the real-time areas of interest.