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Thales to Provide Kuwait With H225M Training Solutions

 - June 19, 2017, 8:02 AM

Thales (Chalet 263) is to provide Kuwait's military forces with flight and mission training solutions for 30 multirole Airbus Helicopters Caracal H225Ms that will be used search-and-rescue, transport, and ground-support roles. Of the 30 aircraft Kuwait has ordered, 26 will be added to the Kuwait Air Force and six will go to the Kuwait National Guard. At the same time, Thales will offer a Reality H Full Flight Mission Simulator (FFMS) and two trainer stations for tactical training and flight procedures. Maintenance for the simulators covers three years.

Kuwait's pilots will receive training in normal navigation procedures and instrument flight as well as handling failures and emergency procedures. As the communications system, weapons and self-protection system and in-flight refueling function are identical to those of a real helicopter, pilots will be training in realistic conditions in a tactical visual environment.

Meanwhile, new pilots as well as captains and crews will have access to training stations installed on the ground, that offer initial training in flight procedures. The two training stations and the FFMS can be combined for collective training exercises that prepare crews for complex missions.

The Reality H Full Flight Mission Simulator offers training in missions such as search-and-rescue, oil-and-gas, fire operations, civil security, EMS and more. It features the ThalesView Image Generation System, with a visual display of 240 degrees by80degrees, and the Hexaline all-electric motion system, which provides realistic motion cues for trainees. The Reality H FFMS is also approved for training with night vision goggles.