Airwolf Aviation Oil Filter Systems Win Approvals

 - August 2, 2013, 10:53 AM

Airwolf Filter Corp., a specialist in remote-mounted oil filter systems for piston aero engines, has scored a first. Over the past year, a team from the Middlefield, Ohio-based company has identified has identified every aircraft data sheet on file with the FAA and EASA and added to their approval model list every remaining piston-engine aircraft powered by a Continental, Curtiss-Wright, Franklin, Husoi, Jacobs, Kinner, Lycoming, Ranger, Warner or WSK PZL Kalisz engine.

These new approvals, says Airwolf, complete the Airwolf catalog, providing operators and pilots a one-stop shop for piston engine oil filter systems. “Now, every piston aero-engine is approved for our life-prolonging oil filter system, without the need for local field approval from the FAA, EASA or Transport Canada,” said Airwolf operations director Jonny Quest.

And adding to the list of benefits of Airwolf’s engine life-extending kits, the company is now offering a $50 trade-in on ADC oil “screen” filter systems. The offer is limited to one per customer and trade-in must have been removed from a certified aircraft and be accompanied by the original 337 form.

In further Airwolf news, the company has (with recent FAA and EASA approvals) completed its full coverage of the market for air-oil separators for piston aero-engines.

Air-oil separators from Airwolf recycle oil mist generated by air pressure in the engine crankcase, removing condensed water and humid air into the slipstream and returning pure, separated oil to the crankcase. The result, according to Airwolf, is lower oil consumption and reduced corrosion-producing humidity in the engine, as well as eliminating oil strains on he bottom of the fuselage.

With two distinct capacity models–Air-Sep and Mini-Sep–Airwolf is now able to meet the demands of owners of all piston-powered aircraft.