Paris Air Show

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 - December 13, 2006, 9:57 AM

Vulcanair’s display of its P68C Jet could confuse visitors until they realize that the installation of 227-hp SMA diesel engines enables the popular twin to use jet fuel. Shortages of avgas are directly affecting demand for aircraft fitted with standard piston engines. Indeed in the Middle East, where avgas is not refined, availability is so limited that sales of the standard P68 in the region are unknown.

Consequently, Vulcanair will be exhibiting at the Dubai airshow in November in anticipation of market interest. Powered by two SMA SR-305-230 engines, the P68C Jet prototype flew for the first time in February and certification is expected by the end of this year. In concentrating its resources on the development of the P68C Jet, the company has slowed progress on the single Walter M601-powered Mission aircraft.

In response to requests from potential customers, the main cargo door of the Mission is to be moved to the right, while a separate pilot door is planned. Furthermore, modifications to the fuselage design will ease loading and unloading of cargo in the rather lengthy cabin. Meanwhile, there are signs of a revival of interest in the twin turboprop Canguro from which the Mission is derived. One of the company demonstrators has been sold for parachute work and this could lead to the twin Rolls-Royce 250-powered aircraft being put back into production.