Paris Air Show

Paris 2011: Parker Aerospace Offers Improved Cooling for Engines

 - June 20, 2011, 9:22 PM

Parker Aerospace (Hall 5 Stand D264) is featuring its recently developed thermal management and lubrication packages for aircraft engines here at Paris 2011.

The customizable packages offer improved thermal management efficiency by optimizing each component interface, while maximizing the thermal transfer properties and reducing the oil system volume. In addition, according to Parker, the package offers the additional benefits of increased reliability, reduced weight, component integration and optimized fluid distribution due to a reduction of part-count and fewer connections and linkages.

The system packages combine engineering expertise from across the company to integrate multiple systems components, from the main engine oil and scavenge pumps and oil reservoirs to heat exchanges and bypass valves. A display of the engine thermal management package can be seen at the Parker Aerospace stand.

Other aviation innovations on display include Parker’s ethanol fuel pump, which is designed to improve overall performance while reducing operating and maintenance costs on ethanol-operated aircraft. The company claims that ethanol power is “at least 50-percent cheaper than aviation fuel and cleaner burning.”

Parker is also developing composite fans and shrouds made of high-end thermoplastic compounds to cool electric motors on several of its hydraulic systems. The benefits include reduced weight and elimination of expensive coatings and finishes.

Also on show at the stand is a special engine subsystems and technologies display, emphasizing pneumatic, fuel actuation and fluid conveyance devices and systems for gas turbine engines. The company also is featuring its “stick-to-surface,” adaptable fly-by-wire control system, as well as its aft strut fairing module.