CAAC Approves Superior Vantage Engine for China Sales

 - September 7, 2011, 10:30 AM

In another sign of China’s growing interest in general aviation activities, the CAAC issued validation of the FAA type certificate for the Superior Air Parts Vantage piston engine. The Vantage is a four-cylinder, 361-cu-in, 180-hp engine available in carbureted or fuel-injected configurations. CAAC officials spent five days conducting an audit and evaluation process at Superior’s Coppell, Texas headquarters. The approval allows Superior to manufacture engines in Coppell for sale in China, although the company applied to the FAA for approval to produce engines at Superior’s new Beijing engine build center. “The CAAC representatives were extremely professional, thorough and knowledgeable with regards to our certification efforts, quality control and production procedures,” said Superior group CEO Timothy Archer. “They came here very well prepared. They demonstrated throughout the audit process that they understood we had a business to run and were respectful of that need. The Chinese people are very excited about the future of general aviation in their country. There is a pent-up desire and growing need for smaller piston powered aircraft and helicopters to train pilots and serve small communities throughout the country. There are growing opportunities to provide piston engines for a variety of aircraft being developed in China.”