NBAA Convention News

Business Pilot Recounts Benefits of General Aviation

 - October 9, 2011, 1:43 PM

Custom-rifle maker Charlie Sisk–who uses a Cessna 182 to help him meet with customers and build his business–will be on hand at the Corporate Aviation Training booth (No. 2125) here at the NBAA 2011 to discuss the ways business aviation has aided his career. You can meet with him on Monday (8-11 a.m.), Tuesday (2-5 p.m.) or Wednesday (8-11 a.m.).

“When I first completed training for my private pilot’s license back in 2006,” Sisk said, “it didn’t take long to realize my plane was a valuable business tool.”

He added that, thanks to the aircraft, he is able to visits customers “to find out exactly what type of rifle would fit them best.” Then he hand-delivers the finished product and provides face-to face instruction in its use.

Then annual NBAA Meeting and Convention is being held from October 10 to 12 in Las Vegas, Nev.