GE Receives EASA H-80 Turboprop Engine Nod

 - December 20, 2011, 4:15 PM

After a year-long flight-test program powering the Thrush 510G agricultural airplane, GE Aviation received type certification from the EASA last week for its M601H-80 turboprop, a more powerful and fuel-efficient upgrade of the M601 engine the company inherited in 2008 when it purchased Czech Republic-based Walter Engines. This marks the first occasion of a GE engine receiving its initial certification from the European agency. According to GE, the new engine features an extended service life of 3,600 hours or 6,600 cycles between overhauls. In addition to the 510G, the H-80 has been selected to power a pair of turboprop twins: the newly designed Technoavia Rysachok, and a version of the Aircraft Industries L-410 Turbolet, which is expected to enter service soon. The company expects additional applications will follow. “We already have the M601 with the King Air C90 STC, so we’ll definitely look at using the H-80 for additional performance on that STC,” Shawn O’Day, head of the company’s business and general aviation marketing, told AIN.


I lost my dad few months ago on a turboprop crashed shortly after takeoff close to Recife Intl Airport in Brazil killing all 16 people. The aircraft was a LET 410-UVP using Walter M601 engines, one of the engines failed due to technical problem.

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