Singapore Air Show

Cirrus Aircraft Offers Genav Lifestyle to Southeast Asia

 - February 12, 2014, 9:30 PM
Cirrus Aircraft SR22T

Cirrus Aircraft (Booth A05) is here exhibiting an SR22T light piston single, hoping to lure local high net-worth individuals with a new-generation light aircraft and accompanying services. Cirrus Malaysia Singapore, the dealer Cirrus Aircraft has appointed for these countries, is just starting to sell SR20s and SR22s. Under the Wings Over Asia organization, it is to offer a service center at Seletar Airport.

“Luxury cars are so expensive here that buying a light aircraft is only a small step up; moreover, the cockpit and cabin environment of our aircraft is close to that of these cars,” Gregory Ang, Cirrus Malaysia Singapore’s managing director, told AIN here at the show. He hopes to sell SR20/22s in a single-digit number this year and then double-digit next year.

But the sales process, unlike in countries where general aviation culture and infrastructure is well developed, has to extend to training, support and more. Cirrus is thus offering flying lessons. Moreover, the pilot student does not have to wait until his type rating to use his aircraft–Cirrus also can provide him with a pilot.

The lack of consideration from local authorities has impeded general aviation infrastructure, in Ang’s view. Nevertheless, there are an estimated 40-50 light aircraft based in Singapore. Hence the need to speak as one voice, one community. Cirrus, along with Daher-Socata and Piper, has thus joined forces with Wings Over Asia.

Wings Over Asia is a general aviation FBO at Seletar airport here in Singapore. It will expand into maintenance activities, as an adjoining service center–with dedicated space for Cirrus–is planned to open in six months, Ang said. Wings Over Asia also has locations in Malaysia and Thailand. It promotes an “aviation social network,” Ang said, notably through seminars, a networking platform and organized flying adventures. “We sell the lifestyle,” Ang smiled.

About 30 Cirrus–sold directly by the airframer–already are flying in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

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